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Hey, I'm Kenny Heidenreich... I'm an Artist... I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning aka DAAP.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Senior Thesis Work in Progress

Senior Thesis Early Work in Progress

Senior Thesis Statement?!

My thesis is that chaos, violence, and conflict between forces established as good and evil have, continue to, and will always exist. This ever-present conflict has no clear beginning and no clear reason therefore it will also have no clear ending. I sought to show this presence of conflict between established goods and evils that people constantly attempt to solve in my artwork.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blast from the Past

I was reorganizing stuff on my computer when I came across the first 3d model I ever made using Cinema 4d back before most everyone lost there serial numbers freshmen year.
Kenneth Heidenreich

Friday, February 26, 2010

How to model in 3d: Chess

How to Model a 3d Chess Set by Kenneth Heidenreich
I've always liked playing Chess even since my dad taught me how to play when I was little. In high school I was part of a very small Chess team that most of the time consisted of only myself and one other guy. (I was the one who lost most games). We had to recruit in order to use the four player chess board I brought in.

When I first started looking into 3d animation one of the t
utorials showed how to use the various tools you could use by building a chess set. I never actually took the time to pain stakeingly go through that entire tutorial and follow all of it's advice but the idea seemed like a good one to me.

I figured I'd take a stab at it since I didn't have much else to do that summer. I figured at the very least I could make a checker board. It turned out that making the chess set took alot less time then I had thought it would. And by adding reflective materials to everything I was able to make it look pretty snazzy.

The set wasn't perfect. I mean the knight had a hole clear through it's head and the early pawns looked phallic. but I could quickly reproduce anything I made with a quick copy and paste just like in Flash or Microsoft Word.

Next I thought that I'm make them move. I've learned now that with a few clicks I could have extended the settings to be able to make more then 90 frames at a time. But this short setting seemed to work at the time.

Me and my little brother got to work making it look like the pieces were playing a game all by themselves. We then tossed it into Imovie for sound and a title and posted it up on Youtube.
Kenneth Heidenreich

If the shoe fits...

I like to try to reuse much of what I make. I still have alot of the paint and supplies and so forth that I recieved my freshmen year. I'm a seroius pack rat when it comes to most things. And if I see a place I can use it I dust it off and test out seeing if it would work.
When I was making the fro character... he needed shoes. I'd been experimenting earlier in the summer will making a 3d model of my own shoes and since the Fro was a type or self portrait of my own fro wearing Sophomore year self I figure that if the shoe fits... he might as well wear it. I mean if it ain't broke why fix it?

It did turn out that the shoes needed some minor adjustments because I'd used way to many primitives in trying to get detail on them.
Kenneth Heidenreich

Return of the Fro

When I showed my 3d model of the fro character to my computer animation Professor he told me if I was going to animate it I should rebuild it as a single mesh. This was because whenever I put a motion capture in the model I had parts of his face got all to nothingness. So I started that as a side project.
Kenneth Heidenreich